October 2nd, 2006

little blue dog

weekend wrap-up

Friday ...
  • Date night, we went to see Little Miss Sunshine, pizza and beer in hand(s), in St. Johns. Had to miss acadiabaird's fashion show, though ... sorry A!

  • Briefly considered driving all the way up to the Couv to hang out with polarbear, but since he was immersed in a solo drinkathon, we decided against it.
Saturday ...
  • Breakfast at Muddy's Coffeehouse on recommendation of a co-worker. They've got this delicious thing called a stratta there ... think lasagna, but with layers of croissant instead of noodles, and sausage, grilled onions, and other goodies in between, all cooked up with egg and cream = sheer high-cholesterol bliss. Highly recommended; we're definitely adding this place to the roster of awesome Portland breakfast places.

  • Sis' housewarming party and mini-reunion ... my aunts still like to pinch me on the cheek.

  • Dinner with 5 foxy wimmin (my sweetie, cheekyassmonkey, cheekyspanker, pilarcruz, and special guest star mahaloluinoa all the way from DC), at Caldera on the back deck. There was much silliness, and it was awesome to meet H for the first time in person. We pooped out after dinner and didn't make it to ww2006, however. :)
Sunday ...
  • L had a potluck brunch to attend and prep for, so I picked up some breakfast and coffee at Grand Central for us and helped her make fruit kabobs to take.

  • Spent most of the day doing home improvement projects ... although "home improvement" probably isn't the right term, since it's highly questionable whether my efforts are really improving anything. Home alteration is probably more accurate. For example, I spent several hours in the spare bedroom making the real plaster walls look like faux plaster walls. So now the surfaces are uneven and textured, but in a carefully arranged and artistic manner. More on that later.

  • L realized that we're getting fat, so we decided to start a diet Monday (today), which is essentially the same as my NCCC ("No Chocolate Chip Cookie") Diet from last year, but with a brand new name. This is the "No Sweets Until Thanksgiving" Diet, although for the sake of a pronounceable acronym, we might have to rename it the "Not Until Thanksgiving, Sweet-tooth" (i.e., "NUTS") Diet, or the "Stay Thin Until November" ("STUN") Diet. This will essentially mean not only refraining from sweets, but also a concerted effort to just stay away from bad food. The former will be difficult, given my penchant for candy and the upcoming candy-centric holiday later this month.

  • So in observance of the eve of NUTS Diet, we had greasy Mexican food and beer for dinner, natch. Then I sneaked out and got some ice cream.
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little blue dog

HA: making old plaster look like old plaster

OK, high time for a home improvement alteration ("HA") post.

The thing about me and DIY projects is that I'm overthorough. One job requires the prior completion of six others, or else it won't be done according to my improbably skewed standards of what's acceptable. Plus, I'm incredibly indecisive, because I want it done perfectly the first time.

So here's how the recursive algorithm worked in this case:
  1. I decided to put a new hardwood floor over the old floor.
  2. The base trim has to come off to install the new floor.
  3. A lot of the base trim could use replacing, along with the door and window casing. So might as well take the casing off.
  4. Since all the moulding is off and the floor is going to be replaced, I should take this opportunity to paint the walls.
  5. Since the walls are cracked and patched, I might as well try out the idea I had of texturizing the wall surfaces before I paint.
  6. Since texturizing wall surfaces is something I've never done before, I might as well give it a try in the spare bedroom first.
Luckily, I was able to stop there.

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