October 16th, 2006

little blue dog

relieved, for now

I was told years ago that country music is something that you find yourself liking more and more as you grow older, until eventually you just drop all reservations and subscribe wholeheartedly to it, pretty much just because your system just can't handle fighting it. Kind of like the Republican party, or creamed vegetables.

Anyway, I've been fearing that day, but I think it's been delayed for a few more years yet. Rather than country, I've been getting more and more into indie.

And how interesting is this: it's more or less because of a couple of posters on a cartoon kid's apartment wall.

(To my credit, I previously had some stuff ... a copy of "Young Team," a smattering of GY!BE tracks, &c. So ner.)

So now I have to find out where all the indie kids hang and make them feel really awkward. :)

In other news, two weeks on STUN and I am down 6.
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