October 29th, 2006


in other news ...

As if I needed proof that some people have more time to indulge on ultimately fruitless pursuits than I do, this guy has developed a "rock-paper-scissors" variant with 101 gestures.

Some of my favorites ...


(knocks over BICYCLE! disrupts AIRPLANE! summons SATAN!)


(knows no DEATH! smashes through WALL! carries CHAINSAW!)


(flings poop at MAN! irritates VAMPIRE! shrieks at UFO!)


(terrorizes SCHOOL! evades HELICOPTER! discards TURNIP!)

5,050 possible outcomes. And he's figured all of them out.

For something comprehensible by an actual human brain, he has also developed RPS-7, RPS-9, RPS-11, RPS-15, and RPS-25 variants.
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