November 16th, 2006

little blue dog

famous eljay people

Yesterday's mail brought a book written by glowing_fish (his first?).

I realized last night that I've been accumulating books written by my LJ friends. Makes sense, considering that, by definition, I read my LJ friends' blogs because I like their writing style. The first novel I read this year was onda_dog's first book, and I also have stereolabrat's first book, both autographed! I also have a copy of cheekyassmonkey's cookbook (sadly, not autographed).

(And although I've read several of writesthings' plays and screenplays, I think he made me give all of the copies back. Someone needs to sign that guy so he can pay his Kinko's bills.)

Who am I missing? I know a bunch of you people write recreationally and/or NaNo, but have you published (or self-published)? I want to build up my collection, so I can sell the autographed first edition when you get famous read some more awesome material.

So please speak up and pimp yo bad self.
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