December 4th, 2006


pee-shy guys

I guess this post is consistent with the current theme of penises in this blog.

After drjeff's gathering last night, L and I had some dinner with abrichar, and the topic somehow turned to public restroom etiquette. Especially those situations in which solitude is either preferred or required.

For example, like many guys, I can't get to business if another guy is standing at a neighboring urinal. What's especially awkward is how to end this painful (and dry) agony if BOTH guys in this situation can't get going. Who leaves first?

My take is that if I'm the first guy there, and another guy walks up to a nearby station, and neither of our little firemen are hosing anything down, then it's good manners for me to zip up and go. I figure there's no sense in extending our mutual discomfort.

The ladies were surprised, thinking that it should be the other way around: the second guy should leave, since he was the one who interrupted the first guy.

As with all conflicts, we decided to turn to the wisdom of LiveJournal to settle this dispute.

Poll #881699 pee-shy guys

Two guys there, who should leave first?

the first guy
the second guy
neither: just wait until you find your inner faucet, and turn it on
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