December 24th, 2006

little blue dog


Borrowed my dad's truck to transport presents down to Salem tonight for the gift-giving pandemonium ... it's all packed and ready. The plan is to head down in a few hours with L, spend the afternoon goofing off as my sisters and their families arrive, having dinner with everyone, and then opening gifts. Afterward, I'll go to midnight mass with mom and whoever else joins (dad's doing the music again this year).

We'll crash there afterwards and probably spend the next morning hanging out and eating too much pastry ... my sisters' families will probably come back over after doing their Christmas morning traditions, followed by more goofing around, and of course my sisters will raid their stockings for whatever I put in there tonight for them.

We're heading back up here tomorrow to have dinner with abrichar, and then open our presents.

Merry Christmas, all. :)
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