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silly attorneys, part 2

There are people like me, doing what I do, all over the world, and one part of my job is to find and work with IP people in different countries when my US clients want to pursue patent or trademark protection in foreign jurisdictions.

It works the other way, too: many of the requests sent to my firm, from foreign agents who want us to pursue protection in the US on behalf of foreign clients, get routed to me for follow-up, as do preliminary requests for fees for our services.

Typically these are cold inquiries from firms I've never heard of before, and many come from folks for whom English is not a first language. Actually, the phrasing is kind of amusing in some of them.

For example, this morning, in my e-mail inbox, was a request for fees from a Japanese firm.

The first line was "How are you gentlemen."

I have a standard template that I use for responding to these, but in this case, I am sorely tempted to drop in a line or two from the All Your Base transcript. For example, maybe I'll replace the "Regards" that I usually use with:

For great justice,

Timothy M. Whalen
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