January 3rd, 2007

little blue dog

picture day! (part 2)

Several weeks ago, the firm had a photo shoot for portraits of all of the attorneys, for the firm's website. Ties and jackets were required ... and I opted to add a v-neck sweater. Because I play by my OWN rules.

We just received the proofs. I've narrowed it down to 4 that I like.

Want to vote? Click each link to see the shot.

The one I choose will be photoshopped, rendered in black and white, and placed in miniature on the website, and then inventors from all over the world will call me to represent them based on what I look like.
little blue dog

favorite christmas present

In 1975, one of my Christmas presents was a tiger hand puppet. I was 6. I loved it.

(That's Dad on the right.)

Until we all became too cool for such things, I'd use the tiger, together with other puppet characters made from paper cut-outs and popsicle sticks, in impromptu shows I'd put on for my little sisters. My stage was in the bathroom of our house. I would stand on the edge of the tub, inside the drawn curtain, and act out the plot by bobbing the little puppets around up above the curtain railing, my sisters shrieking their approval from the bathroom counter I sat them on.

Who knows what became of the tiger. Like so many things that were crucial to me as a kid, it probably got set aside as I got older and started getting interested in girls, clothes, music, and other much more worldly concerns.

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