January 29th, 2007

little blue dog

Angie's List

Last March, I signed up for Angie's List, an online service offering consumer-provided reports on local service companies in several dozen US cities. I heard about this website via an ad on NPR.

The deal is that you can log in to find, say, a plumber in your area that other members have rated on a bunch of criteria (price, professionalism, punctuality, etc.). You can provide a report for an already-listed service company, or give information on a new one. The service companies, I gather, aren't permitted to give themselves reports.

According to a recent article, Angie's List currently has about 500,000 members, who collectively provide about 15,000 reports per month.

There are some other perks, as well -- Angie's List mails out a monthly printed publication (which I've never read), and gives you a prize if you get someone else to sign up (I got a pound of M&M's when cheekyassmonkey registered and dropped my name).

It's a fantastic resource for new homeowners (among others), and I've recommended it to dozens of people ... because it's a great idea, and it's free. Or was.

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