April 16th, 2007

little blue dog

hangin with my eljay posse

Sweet sassy molassy, there is a lot of work piled up on my desk right now. Files for maybe 40 cases, all of which I need to attend to in the next three weeks. I even took some work home with me this weekend. Did I do it?


Instead, here is what I did, in roughly chronological order:
  • took Mom and Dad to Gravy for breakfast on Saturday
  • did chores
  • inspired by abrichar's success, launched operation Increase Curb Appeal by a Zillion at the purple hizzy, by getting started on some hardscape and carpentry work outside
  • chilled
  • got a start on evening karaoke plans by joining drjeff and sistermaryeris at Betsy and Steve's place, accompanied by the fabulous duo of emakelle and ghotighued
  • too much pomegranate vodka ... the bartender at beansbouf's house does a heavy pour
  • jef182 called to deliver the unfortunate news that the KJ at the karaoke place had called in sick, so he came to join the party, and drjeff taught us how to talk dirty in sign language
  • emakelle and ghotighued were still in the mood to karaoke, so Isaac, being the only sober one among us at this point, drove us to a karaoke bar by PSU
  • switched to red bull + vodka, watched a group of talented regulars do some songs, wildly applauded emakelle's inebriated yet totally bad-ass rendition of "Heartbreaker"
  • remembered, at about 1am while detaching a greasy glob of cheese-fries from the plate in front of me, stinking of second-had cigarette smoke, that I am no longer in my 20's
  • watched some Robot Chicken at home with ghotighued and emakelle, I think
  • woke up miraculously hangover-free
  • more chores, more chilling, errands, shopping, catchin' up on bloggin'
  • finally migrated all of my files from my old PC to my iMac
  • "made" cookies
  • watched Planet Earf with emakelle and ghotighued (but, sadly, without abrichar this time)
Now. To work.