April 19th, 2007

little blue dog

vegas pics

Coupla pics from Vegas weekend with my crew from law school ... I'll put up the rest when I have a chance to edit the hi-res versions, and piece together my scattered memories of the events that transpired.

First night there, we spent about four hours in Centrifuge, one of the casino bars, drinking and catching up; they'd all driven over from LA and I'd flown down. None of us had eaten anything since lunch, so we were more or less gone by the time we decided it was good idea to catch some dinner. We found a restaurant called Diego, and thought it would be fitting, because Diego is also the name of my friend whose birthday we were celebrating. Here's a shot of me and him.

I look INSANE. Or completely toasted, as I have no recollection of pictures being taken during dinner.

Here's a shot from the next day's dinner at Olives Las Vegas at the Bellagio. We were lucky and got seated on the little patio overlooking the dancing fountains out front.

L to R: me, James (Diego's brother), Amy (Diego's girlfriend), Diego, Jason, Sam (Jason's wife), Anna (Sam's sister), and Giancarlo (Anna's boyfriend).
little blue dog

some more vegas pics

(Click on any for a larger version)

Me and Diego, the birthday boy, at dinner.

The restaurant is also named Diego, turned out.

D and his girlfriend Amy

Jason and James (D's bro)

I have a custom of embarrassing James ...

... by acting as white as I possibly can.

Giancarlo and Anna

D and Amy, at Olive's at the Bellaggio

Not nearly as toasted as last night.

Jason and Sam


Happy B-day, buddy.