April 25th, 2007

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eljay shoutout!

So I went to a LJ meetup last night and met a bunch of people from the damnportlanders com, including several folks from my own f-list that I hadn't met before (and, of course, some that I have).

I've only been to two of these monthly gatherings previously, probably over a year ago now. Not sure what made me decide to go to this ... probably thought it might be a good way to relieve some stress from work.

It was. :)

When I walked in, the first person I recognized was Don (bellybalt), sitting at a table with Shannon (shademalek), Gloria (socktree), and Stephen (cratermoon), and a couple folks I hadn't met in person before: Michelle (windfaerie), and my LJ friend Julia (prettymuchjulia). wOOt!

Over the course of the night, I also visited with LJ friend Dorota (dstroy) and Shel (angleburn1), both of whom I'd met previously, and met a bunch more LJ'ers, all from the damnportlanders com:
Xander and I have debated on DP recently, and I remarked that one thing you NEVER hear in that com is "you're right, and I'm wrong." So for posterity, he made a recording of me saying it to him, ostensibly to post whenever we get into another debate.

This marks my debut on YouTube, by the way:

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