May 29th, 2007

edog uphigh

whole lotta nuffin

I'm in a really blah mood. My weekend was decent ... but I'm feeling detached and neutral. If it can be called a rut, then I'm in one; haven't been able to shake this feeling for a few weeks.

  • I am putting myself on a diet. I've been getting too lazy and comfortable again, and procrastinating more. When this happens, I make bad food choices and don't restrain. Time to regroup. Digging out the scale later today for a reference point.
  • Rode in.
  • Lappley is done getting serviced, so picking it up tonight.
  • Attacking some projects at work that I've been putting off.
  • Breakfast at Tin Shed. Yummeh!
  • Came into work and pushed some paper around on my desk for a while ... did no billable time, but took care of a bunch of administrative stuff.
  • Got outside and worked in the garden for a few hours, roses and peonies are going nuts.
  • Stepped into the guest room for the first time in several weeks and restarted a home improvement project.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Ran out of propane right after I plopped the steak on the grill, so had to do a pan-fry instead. Set off the smoke alarm, as usual. Finished off a good Beaujolais.
  • Attended services at the Church of the Sunday Paper and Coffee at the usual time.
  • Felt like crap for some reason; hid in the computer room for a few hours after watering my neighbor's yard for him.
  • Down to Salem ... picked up some flowers for Mom and Sis #3, whose birthdays we were celebrating; brought Guitar Hero and a carload of gifts.
  • Ate a little, drank a little. Nieces went crazy over GH. Missed Jeff and Sandi's BBQ.
  • Home; tired. Some GH with megakrunk Erin.
  • Breakfast at Cup and Saucer, just discovered they have a location on Killingsworth.
  • Laundry and gardening and sun. Started cleaning out the massive quantity of merchandise samples that L had accumulated in my basement; decided to gift to family and friends if I could.
  • I think my across-the-street neighbor passed away; there were all kinds of people over there, including a couple guys in suits who looked to be coroners. Couldn't help but surreptitiously watch from a window as a stretcher emerged from the front door. I don't know if it was her, or someone else who was living there; I'd only conversed with her once, and a lot of people over the past couple years have stayed there temporarily.
  • Erin's oven exploded and she had cupcake obligations, so she came over to use my kitchen. A chocolate mousse cupcake was offered (and enthusiastically accepted) as remuneration.
  • Dinner at Betsy and Steve's: salmon over brown rice and peas with some kind of incredible buttery sauce. GH with Steve while Betsy called us dorks. Knocked a glass of wine onto the floor during a calisthenic rendition of "Sweet Child of Mine."
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dangit, Internets! WORK!

REM's cover of John Lennon's "#9 Dream" has been popping up on my music stream lately, and I've always been curious as to the meaning behind the words of the chorus.

Well, and curious as to what the words are. I've always thought it was something like "ah wa ka wa poo-say poo-say ..."

... but considering that I always thought that the chorus to "Blinded by the Light" included the amazing line "cut up like a douche, another boner in the night," I didn't want to get my hopes up. 'Scuse me while I kiss this guy.

But according to the unknown lyric source that all ten zillion lyric websites copy, the #9 Dream chorus is:

Ah! bwakawa pouss, pouss.
Ah! bwakawa pouss, pouss.
Ah! bwakawa pouss, pouss.

OK, so I wasn't that far off. But as for the meaning, that's a little trickier.

I googled the phrase and came up with 39 hits, prefaced with Google's eager suggestion:

"Did you mean: Ah! b'wakawa pouss, mouss"

Slapping my forehead, I thought: How silly of me! OF COURSE I did! Considering the proffered alternative yields ONE result, I'm a little mystified why I didn't figure that one out on my own!

The second hit on my original search was a link to Yahoo! Answers, an alternative repository of cultural trivia and information.

The "best answer chosen by voters" to someone's question as to the meaning, is "beats me."

Digging a little deeper leads me to Songfacts, which credits "Ken," in Louisville KY, for the assertion that Lennon just made it up.

I'll treat anyone who can answer this for me to a bowl of ice cream.