June 26th, 2007

little blue dog

!!! now hiring !!!

Um ... so I would like to spend some money and have someone design a slicker layout for my LJ and mirror/integrate the content (and feel) onto my much-neglected personal website. I have a few specifics in terms of content I'd like to put on the front page of the journal. I'd also like my website to be spruced up a bit, but I think that can wait, or is a secondary consideration.

It would require a fair bit of attention to detail, an eye for style, familiarity with the various LJ style systems, and the patience to teach me how I can tweak the content or layout when I want.

If anyone reading this has the time and skillz necessary for this project, please let me know, via e-mail or by leaving contact info in a comment (which I'll screen if you like).

Someone local is preferred. Someone I already know would be fun, but not required -- so personal recommendations are welcome.

In case it's not clear: I will pay for this service. :)
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