June 27th, 2007

little blue dog

eljay shoutout redux

Having a blast overcoming my social heebie-jeebies and going to meetups. Last night's was fun, a bunch of folks showed up at a new location on the east side, which had a large outdoor patio that we pretty much took over just by sheer numbers.

I arrived late, after a long afternoon bike ride in which I lost one rider (but found her again), had another rider get a flat, then got a flat myself, and then discovered that I'd left the house without my wallet or any cash.

Fortunately, Erin, ever the MGS friend, offered to come and hang out with me and cover my tab. How sweet is that?

I met John (jonboi_net) and Sam (luvsammy) out front, then found my way to the patio, where about 40 Internet People had pushed a bunch of tables together and were generally carousing. Said hello to Xander, Gia, Nicole, Matthew, and a bunch of other folks I'd met at previous meetups or otherwise, then looked for a place to sit.

Kelly (meisterdorf) came over and shook my hand, and we talked about summer bike rides, and then I grabbed a free chair at a table next to Sam and John. Also at the table were Chris (remix79) and another Nicole (thatsassylassie), neither of whom I'd met previously, and Jo (krazyfelioness), who I had.

Over the course of the evening, I also met:
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edog think

gleaming the cube

At one point last night, when several of us were sitting at the table, Chris suggested a game.

The game was, roughly, as follows:

Each of us had to picture ourselves in a desert. We then had to picture a series of objects, in order, with each new object being announced after everyone indicated that we'd each pictured the previous object. The objects could be anywhere, of any size, and so forth, but we had to pay attention to the details of each object as we pictured it, and its relationship to the other objects, in the desert. They were:

- a cube
- a ladder
- a horse
- a storm
- flowers

After each of us described our conceptualization of the five objects in the desert (this process was constantly interrupted by everyone making jokes about everyone else's objects), he told us how to interpret it.

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And although the next part is an absolute spoiler if you haven't done the above conceptualization ...

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