August 27th, 2007

little blue dog


The number of staff members and colleagues at my office who have a candy jar sitting in their work-space is currently at an unprecedented level. I think there's an element of competition at this point, perhaps inspired by a sense of pride, the addictive power of attention, or an increased desire to lure the random passerby to stop for a moment and chat.

Whatever it is, my pants are fitting a little tighter lately, so it's time for action.

I have a strange brand of willpower: it's either ON, meaning that once I've made up my mind to do or not do something, nothing can convince me otherwise, or OFF, meaning that I will repeatedly break whatever personal promise I made to myself, and moreover, will provide myself with comic relief by offering the most inane rationalizations possible for doing so.

I haven't been ON about anything in a while, so it's high time. Here it is: No more candy.
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