September 30th, 2007

little blue dog


This morning I was reminded how often I forget that professional and college sports mean a lot to some people, although they mean practically nothing to me.

Getting ready to head to Sunday services at the Church of Croissants and Hot Baristas, I had grabbed my baseball cap because it was raining pretty heavily.

While there, I was sipping my coffee and reading the comics with my iPod on, and I noticed an older woman approaching me. I took the headphones off and heard her tell me, a little jokingly, "You have a little nerve wearing that, this morning, don't you think?"


"Your hat."

She pointed at the front page of my paper and walked away. The top story told me that UCLA beat the UO Ducks, ending an incredible comeback and denying the team a chance at the Pac-10 Conference title.

Anyone who knows me can probably guess the cap I put on: my favorite baseball cap, the one I've had since I was a first-year law student. It's faded and ripped, and the rigid foam liner is clearly visible through the torn bill, but one thing is still prominently visible on the front: the UCLA logo.