October 26th, 2007

little blue dog


Here is an unapologetic and shameless request:

Please go HERE and vote for my pic. emakelle has entered it to be chosen as Mr. Gardenburger.

(Registration is required, and you click on the "LOVE IT" button to enter your vote for my pic.)

If you REALLY want to help Erin win, you can also vote EVERY DAY until Nov. 8. You can vote "LEAVE IT" on other entries if you want, but I have no idea if that boosts our chances.

The Gardenburger people will pick the winner from the top 5 entries. I don't think asking my friends to vote for me that much bad form; one dude has like seven separate entries, SHEESH.

I have been authorized to promise her everlasting love and affection in return for your assistance, and you'll definitely also have mine. IF SHE WINS, she will likely invite you to the catered party, or give you some of the year's supply of Gardenburgers, or have you over to watch her new TV, and/or grill a stek for you.