February 26th, 2008

little blue dog

new and improved, with 50% more mucus

Back at work today after a restful sick day yesterday. Everything in my head has melted and is now vacating through the handiest exit, but other than that and an intermittent yet somewhat messy cough, I feel fine.

Yesterday at home I felt too restless to take a nap, but not ambitious enough to really do anything useful (i.e., taxes, or work), so I watched Day Watch and Kubrick's Lolita (and reviewed them in my 2008 movie list post). Nic and I also caught a matinee of There Will Be Blood on Sunday (also reviewed), learning shortly thereafter that Daniel Day-Lewis snagged Best Actor.

Nicole came over yesterday after work, wearing scrubs and bearing a soup, vitamins, and rice krispy treat care package. HOT. She made sure I knew, this time, to first dissolve the Airborne tablet in water, rather than popping it straight into my mouth and being surprised at frothing uncontrollably as a result.

I think I'll probably cut out of here early today to relax at home. It's kind of fun being sick, except, you know, for the actual being sick part.
little blue dog


I shaved this morning, having developed a weekend stubble plus a sick day's worth of growth. I must not have been fully awake in the shower this morning when I did it, because I noticed in the mirror just now -- after having been at the office most of the day today -- that I left a stripe of whiskers about 1/4" wide right up the middle of my chin.