March 2nd, 2008


weekend wrap-up

  • Poker: won first tournament and drank too much whiskey to have much interest in the second

  • Nicole and I met a law school buddy and his wife who are visiting his folks in Albany and took them to Gravy for breakfast
  • Had a bunch of yard work done on the house
  • Living room piggy-back ride
  • Plans for dinner ended up with Nicole and I by ourselves, but after being faced with a possible 90-minute wait at Farm Cafe, we drove a few more minutes and got seated immediately at 3 Doors Down
  • Plans for after-dinner show or movie ditched in favor of hitting the couch and popping in a Netflix

  • Plans to get up early and watch the sunrise in the Gorge ditched in favor of sleeping in
  • Church, late
  • Home improvement projects; laundry; groceries
  • Wrestling
  • Drove downtown to Kenny and Zuke's for dinner; neither of us could finish more than half our sandwiches
  • Bloggn; winding down

Next weekend: more visiting friends, birfday party :D

Updated: movie list and book list.