March 7th, 2008

little blue dog

the past, present, and future

Last night:

Met Steve, Betsy, and Nic at R Palate for after-work drinks and nosh. Three bacon-wrapped offerings on the happy hour menu. My review is here.

Started First Thursday visiting Sequential Art Gallery for Shell's show, wandered the Pearl for a while, got ice cream, went home.


Picking up The Brothers, in from LA, from PDX around 11, then carousing for a few hours. My girlfriend is currently preparing a list of strip joints for us to check out; life is sweet.



Rolling out late, hangover brunch somewhere, tomfoolery, shenanigans and video games, perhaps a nap.

Pitch-n-putt at Edgefield with friends, accompanied and/or followed by beers and more friends.

Pre-funk primpin and pimpin.

Birfday partay with about a bazillion of my peeps.


Shoving The Brothers into a cab at the crack of dawn. Cursing lost hour of sleep. Recovery (hopefully).