March 11th, 2008

little blue dog

it's mah birfday

photo credit: velveau/Jody Elliott

So far so good, except for the whole working-today thing (which I really should not ditch, even though I want to).

On the other hand, I found a $20 bill on the ground the other day, and completely escaped a hangover from the party this weekend ... and, of course, I have the ability to breathe, the use of all most of my mental faculties, a roof over my head, food when I'm hungry, and a ton of friends (one of which treated me to an evening of Robot Chicken and Buffalo Wings last night), so I have absolutely no complaints.

Plus, today, this comment I made got metaquoted! After 4-plus years on LJ, I have finally, you know, arrived.

Also also, my sweet girlfriend is making me dinner tonight, and that's pretty much cooler than anything.