March 18th, 2008

edog uphigh

afternoon meditation

I sit in this quiet house, in this still room, grateful for this day.

I feel my muscles move in response to the miracle of my thoughts, touch these keys beneath my fingers, and see the words appear before my eyes. I hear crunching in my mouth and taste sugar on my tongue. I smell the sweet, candy-like perfume of the daphne blossoms that Nicole picked and set in water.

I look outside and see thousands of pink buds: upright, attentive, impatient to bloom. I feel my mind releasing thoughts of my day's work and turning to ideas for what I should make for my meal. I plan to spend time with friends soon, with a loved one soon, with myself now.

I am grateful for me and everything I have and know, everything I have achieved, and everything work for. I am grateful for friends who share their lives with mine. I am grateful if anyone reads this and writes a reply, be it solemn, playful, in jest; I am grateful if no one reads it but me.

I am grateful to be.