April 10th, 2008

little blue dog


To earnest dude with binder on downtown street corner:

Wide-eyed, impressionable, easily beguiled townie casually strolling the sidewalk, preferably with his wallet open in his hands: THIS is your mark. Make eye contact and smile; position yourself in his path and affably offer a handshake. He wants to save the children.

Steel-eyed, implacable, determined man in casual business attire barreling toward you at three-quarter tilt to catch his bus: this is NOT your mark. DO NOT position yourself in his path and begin nonchalantly mumbling your shpiel. He will not be wowed by your cause.
little blue dog

now with added flair

I added the "Pieces of Flair" app on Facebook, which lets you add buttons to a bulletin board on your profile, for example to represent various interests and hobbies or whatever.

One feature of this app allows you to make your own buttons and add them to a keyword-searchable directory for other users of this app to find and use on their own bulletin boards.

So of course I made about a dozen, and for the last week I've been obsessed with tracking how many other users have found and used them.

Here is the most popular one right now of the ones I've made:

space invaders
In Directory: Yes
Users: 11
Daily Growth: 43%
Weekly Growth: 1000%
Overall Rank: 89,114

Woo-hoo, 11 users!

Here are some of others I did:

pacman ghostsexplosions
in the sky
poker chipI <3 NERDSberserklittlebluedog

It's clear to me now that I've missed my calling in life.