April 14th, 2008

little blue dog

random reflections on a rainy monday

I think I need a toaster oven if for no other reason than to make sourdough toast with butter and cinnamon sugar on it, which my grandmother still sometimes makes for me when I visit.

Today's rain feels pretty good on yesterday's sunburn.

I think that might become the next Oregon state motto.

Nic helped me pick and plant a ton of annuals yesterday, at the base of my dogwood in my front yard in the bed formed by the retaining wall that I put in last year. They look great, but today my hands and fingers are itching from about a hundred microscopic barkdust slivers.

Yes, I do own gardening gloves.

I haven't visited my grandparents in a long time. They're in Seattle, and, ridiculously, the only times I'd visit was when I drove up to visit IKEA, back in the dark days before Portland got its own.

I've noticed lawn signs around for one of the candidates for Mayor of Portland (Sho Dozono) with the campaign slogan "Sho Gets It. Sho Gets It Done." With a name like that, it's almost a crime that he's not using any of a half-dozen slogans Nic and I thought of in about a minute:
  • It's Sho-Time!
  • The Sho Must Go On! / On With The Sho!
  • Fo Sho!
  • Let's Get The Sho On The Road!
  • It's A Sho Thing!
  • Sho Me The Money! (ok, maybe not)
Generally speaking, sharing information (as opposed to personal opinions) should not be as difficult as it is, but I find that many people are simply unable to admit to not having already known something that they are told.