June 22nd, 2008

little blue dog

weekend summary (so far)

So, I live about one minute's walk from this place:

Saturday morning, Nic and I took a leisurely stroll here after breakfast and took some pics before she had to head in to work. I liked the variegated roses the best. Some great colors. I can't wait to get a nice camera with a macro lens, but these from Nic's point-and-shoot will certainly do for now.

Today, we went on a hike up around Oneonta Gorge, and made it up to Triple Falls before heading back. We were pretty happy to be out there.

Stopped at Edgefield for a beer and sweet potato fries on the way home, then chilled for a bit. Heading out to get some pizza now. Leftover blackberry pie awaits in the fridge for later.