July 2nd, 2008

little blue dog

bitter living through chemistry

I blame nature. This morning, for no other apparent reason, I'm headachey and cranky. I also forgot last night how famous I am in the insect kingdom for having the sweetest, tastiest blood in the entire Pacific Northwest; judging by the hard, pink lumps on my ankles and calves, I must have fed an entire colony while I was outside doing some yard work. Additionally, I have itchy fingers. Not in the sense that I am anxious to do something, but literally itchy; there's a bunch of teeny white bumps on the backs of several of them. I think they might be some kind of allergic reaction to ... I dunno, something. Stupid nature.

Allergies mystify me. It seems a little counterintuitive to think that the human immune system can develop hypersensitivities to otherwise innocuous natural substances. Or at least a healthy immune system: allergies are systemic disorders. Which means that when an otherwise healthy human develops allergies later in life (like I have), it's natural selection at work, attempting to weed out the sub-par specimens from the population. I am being targeted right now. Nature is sniping me.

My pitiful defense against these relentless, ancient, implacable evolutionary forces is a tiny cloud of vaporized fluticasone proprionate. And some DEET.

Camping this weekend is going to be so much fun.