July 21st, 2008

little dog - weim


There's a black dude on the sidewalk outside wearing a white pointed hat, asking for money. I can't tell if he's working the irony angle or what.

I can see him pretty clearly from my window. He's also wearing Mickey Mouse gloves and red clown shoes, and is communicating with passersby solely by means of frenziedly honking a bicycle horn.

My co-worker came into my office a minute ago to show off what his new camera can do; namely, he showed me video footage of the annoying sidewalk clown that he had recorded from his office window, complete with sound. The resolution was pretty impressive. "Wow, it's ... just like being there," I said.

The honking sound and street noise audible through my window was distracting me from properly hearing the honking sound and street noise on the video. It was kind of a surreal moment.