July 31st, 2008

little blue dog


Lately I've strayed from the habit of posting life updates, which is ostensibly one of the main reasons I journal. Here's a rundown of last weekend, several days late ...

  • Ditched work early for a date night with Nic sans her folks, who departed that morning. Craving margaritas and chips and salsa, we decided to try Trebol, a new-ish Mexican place near my house. Margaritas were pretty good, but the chips and salsa were ... well, nonexistent. (My review of Trebol is here.)
  • Caught The Dark Knight at the St. Johns Cinema. And, WOW. (My review of The Dark Knight is here.)
  • After work, a trip back to the office to pick up my forgotten wallet turned into a decision to goof around downtown with no specific plan, so we walked over to, and right through, the Brewfest on the Waterfront. Crowds of inebriated people make me a little nervous.
  • Found solace at Powell's instead for a few hours. Crowds of bibliophiles make me comfortable.
  • Steak and halibut at Jake's Grill. (My review of Jake's Grill is here.)
  • After a lazy morning at my house, we wandered over to CoffeeHouse Five, a brand-new cafe on Killingworth right across from the PCC bookstore. They brew all of their coffee in French presses. I like the feel of the place. It's been under construction for about nine months now, which I really can't criticize, considering that some of my home improvement projects have a completion schedule longer than that.
  • Walked over to get some sandwiches at New Seasons and had lunch outside on my deck.
  • Nic had an evening shift, so I spent the day running errands and making what turned out to be minimal progress on one of aforementioned home projects.
  • Slept in, then met Jeff, Sandi, and Betsy for an impromptu brunch at Country Cat.
  • Ran a few errands, then we headed over to Tori's to chill with peeps and meet her daughter, son-in-law, and awesome little grandsons.
  • Ran a few more errands, then headed to Betsy and Steve's to help assembly an IKEA bookshelf and get whomped at euchre.
  • There had been talk of Thai food, so I was craving it, but we tried Appethaizing, a teeny little place on Division, that Nic had been to before. Decent, but I really prefer the Tom Kha at Thai Noon.
  • Watched a few episodes of The Office (the UK original version).
Next weekend: weddings, birthday parties, projects, friends.