August 15th, 2008

little dog - weim


I had such plans yesterday afternoon, maybe get outside and cull my apple trees, check the irrigation system, maybe even go for a little run, etc., but they were cooked right out of me. We broke 100 in Portland, and at 11pm it was still in the 90s. I'm not complaining about the heat -- it gets this hot maybe 5 days a year here -- I'm complaining about my reaction to it. I get exhausted and cranky, and then can't sleep. I wish it was as easy as turning a few fans on after cooling off in the shower, but it ain't. I was too exhausted to install the window A/C unit I bought a couple years ago expressly for this purpose.

This morning I'm bleary and grouchy, and looking at a weather forecast of an even higher triple digit afternoon. I think I may spend the entire weekend submerged in the Sandy.