October 6th, 2008

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Part of what's taking so much time in prep for the move-in is how my own project completion timeline works. I like to be really thorough. This manifests itself in sometimes annoying ways; Saturday's project of removing the goofy space-inefficient wire shelf system in the master bedroom closet and replacing it with top-and-bottom hanging rods also included several hours of patching holes, caulking cracks and joints, priming, and then painting the closet walls. A lot of work, but the interior was in pretty sorry shape and I figured I might as well spiff it up. I put a lot of value on cosmetic appearance of the finished project, not only for my own sense of satisfaction, but in anticipation of the One Day When I Sell This House.

But closet walls. There are other things I probably should be doing.

On Sunday, the person who bought the bedroom set came over to pick it up, so the master bedroom is now empty and I'm crashing on an inflatable mattress in the guest room until we move Nic's set over; in the meantime I'm planning to put another outlet or two in there and paint. In addition to the small closets, we're going to build a modular wardrobe system to maximize use of available space.

This is good for me; anyone who's been in my house has seen how long projects can wallow in a partially-completed state, and Nic's (and her cats') move-in is kicking my butt to get a lot of things on my list done. There are just so many of them, and I have difficulty prioritizing, like if I find I have a couple hours of free time after doing whatever chores I need to do, I get anxious because I can't decide (or remember) what to do next. Also, she and I have a different approach to doing what needs to be done, and in which order, so it's alternately frustrating and rewarding to figure out how best to work together on this. I'm really excited to get us settled in time to enjoy the holiday season.

The most important thing that happened this weekend, of course, was that Betsy and Steve had their baby, a little teeny beautiful pink girl that arrived about a month and a half in advance before everyone expected; we visited them at the hospital on Friday night and met little Nola, who I understand has to stay for about a month before they get to take her home. Betsy and Steve looked exhausted and absolutely thrilled; Nola looked tiny, but healthy and strong.
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hrmm ...

Received this in my work email over the weekend. It starts out promising.
Hi Tim,

Not sure if you remember, but we met a few years ago in Los Angeles at xxxx's wedding. We were introduced by our mutual friend xxxx, and spoke for a few minutes about Oregon, which I've visited several times. I hadn't begun law school at that point, but I mentioned that Portland is one of the places I was thinking about in terms of relocating for a job. You mentioned your love of the city and gave me your card.

Well, time flies, and I find myself in interview season in my 3L year at xxxx. I would very much like to interview your firm for a job after I graduate. Can you let me know if there's someone specifically I should send my resume to, or would be it more appropriate to send it to you to route it through to proper channels, with a kind word? I appreciate your help, Tim.

Also, can you remind me what law you guys practice there?