October 27th, 2008

little blue dog

sad trombone

(Aside: in my prior post, I wasn't criticizing the use of ellipses in general. A particular use in a particular context was rubbing me the wrong way.)

Could be the usual Monday funk, but I'm out of sorts today. Tense, maybe. I'm feeling behind, a bit at work but more on home projects and personal stuff lately, but it's all pressure I'm putting on myself. Most of my spare time over the past several weeks has been directed to projects around the house, accomplishments seem more just completing a tiny step in an endless chain than actual, real progress. I'm satisfied with what I've done, but it just seems that there's so much more to do.

Feeling I'm falling behind on friendships lately too, having bailed on several social and family events. All have been for valid reasons or just rotten timing, but each notches up a sense of pending obligation I'd like to fulfill.

This weekend we celebrated Nic's birthday, having scheduled a bunch of things on Saturday I thought she might enjoy, culminating with birthday banana cream pie at Betsy and Steve's. For future reference, pies from Papa Haydn's are about 300% the size you'll find in a bakery. This thing was easily about 20 pounds, a majority of which is currently sitting in our fridge. Sunday was a slow day, with beautiful weather, but I think Nic's coming down with something, and I wasn't feeling that great either, so we took it easy around the house. We took the opportunity to talk about the measures and fill out our ballots, so that was pretty cool.

I'm turning out to be a bad kitty-dad; I thought I closed the back door while puttering around outside yesterday while Nic was napping, but both of the cats got out. I found Irv sitting outside the door yelling to be let back in, but I had to search around a bit before I found Clare crouching near the side fence a few feet away from the mystery white cat. Clare looked scared, but unharmed; I don't know if they were having a friendly conversation or a hiss session, but I was plenty relieved to have them both back in the house. I figured they'd probably forget about the incident after a couple minutes, but Nic told me a little later that when Irv saw me working on the deck, she paced and yowled at me for a couple minutes. Probably warning me about the white cat.

And Halloween is on Friday. We have a couple parties on the schedule, but Nic's working late both nights and I don't have a costume yet.

OK, time to shake it off.