November 29th, 2008

little blue dog


Here's what we did yesterday.

It's probably been over a decade since I've had a Christmas tree in my place. I don't think I really saw the point, since inevitably I was at my folks' place for the holiday. For as much as I like celebrating, I don't have a lot of ornaments or decorations.

Fortuitously, Nicole does. And she came equipped with this tree. It's an artificial one, and after requiring less than 10 minutes of assembly and lighting, I'm definitely seeing some benefits over a real tree. Also, no water for the cats to drink, track, or splash around. Anyway, it's the first time we decorated a Christmas tree in our house, so it's special. We used a bunch of her ornaments we both liked and found some others at the store, including a robot ornament.

In other news, I installed a dimmer switch and didn't electrocute myself or burn down the house. wOOt!