December 22nd, 2008

little blue dog


The office is closed today; I knew this earlier today before I trekked out on my commute, but I slogged through the snow to catch a bus because I have a soft deadline today and a couple other fires burning.

Some good came of it already: I helped un-stick a couple drivers trying to traverse largely uncleared roads. Both were in rear-wheel drives with no chains; one in an SUV with his wife ("Here, have your wife drive for a second, and you and I will push." "She doesn't know to drive." "OK, you either teach her, or she comes out here with me." "OK, I teach."). Normally, I give the benefit of the doubt and assume in cases like this that these people needed to get somewhere and had no other options; but in the half-mile walk to the stop I saw so many vehicles spinning that it was a bit of an effort not to conclude that sometimes, folks are just idiots.

There are maybe 3 people here today, so I think I'll write a few letters and eat the cost of an extension, and go home (after making one or two shopping errands).
little blue dog


Fortunately Trimet's "Is the Bus You Want Operating Today?" lottery picked my lucky number and I made it home with hardly any delays.  Gave Nic a ride into work, and just got done manually displacing about 200 cubic feet of snow.  The sidewalk out front is now the only place within about a 4 block radius where you can see the surface of the ground.  I figure if nothing else will bring on another snow shower, that will.
little blue dog

Tweets for Today

  • 18:54 I love the variety of hats snowy weather brings out. Saw a man today sporting a shapka made of out at least three rabbits' worth of fur.

Good night.