March 6th, 2009

little blue dog

state of the dog

OK, it's been about six weeks since I started getting serious about the gym and my diet, and now that I'm tracking everything on the Lose It! app to see the numbers, I'm really getting into the swing. And I'm happy to report that after maybe a few thousand baby carrots, there's about 10 pounds less of me than there was when I started.

I've been letting myself go for a few years now, in terms of not really being careful with what I eat and not being diligent about being active ... and this coupled with some major metabolism slowdowns in my 30s has led to a gain of quite a bit since law school. But I needed to tie the idea of getting back into shape with something big, in order for me to give it the gravity it deserves. So, I figured, my 40th year will be the year I get myself into the shape I want to be in for the rest of my life.

The diet part isn't as challenging as I thought. I mean it kinda sucks, but I'm managing it pretty well. On a typical day I can hold myself to about 1800 calories, or about 1300 net when exercise is figured in. For my age and weight, 1800 a day results in a 7000 calorie deficit over a week, which means two pounds gone, per week, from dieting alone (not counting the 2000-2500 calories per week worked off at the gym). The only real difficulty, besides restraint, is figuring calorie counts for when we go out to eat; in these cases I try to overestimate.

The exercise is more challenging, but as I work it into an expected part of a regular routine, I look forward to it more and more. After five weeks of nothing beyond moderate cardio, I'm working weights in now. With the heart rate monitor, I've already noticed a considerable increase in exertion while maintaining a target heart rate, and of course I'm feeling a lot better besides, more physically relaxed.

I don't know if I have a target weight ... more like a target condition, and definitely the discipline and drive to maintain it once I get there. I'm really looking forward to this. Now if I can just be patient.