January 20th, 2010

little blue dog


  • 15:57 At the dermatology clinic for the de-spotting. Car in adjacent lot has license plate MOLE.

  • 16:03 Heh. Receptionist claims it doesn't belong to any of the folks who work here. Regular patient, maybe?

  • 16:19 Freshly numbed and waiting for my face to be core-sampled. Feeling anxious and sentimental. We've had some good times, mole.

  • 16:46 That was painless. Vive le difference (twitpic.com/yv4m1)! Doc says no eating, or smiling, for a few hours.

  • 18:50 Twitter might be gearing up to oppose (or sue) COTWEET, one of the marks cited against its trademark app for TWEET: bit.ly/6Yft5C