February 22nd, 2010

little blue dog


  • 09:25 Biked to gym, but forgot my lock, lost my card, and broke my specs. Hopefully that gets my daily ration of bad mojo outta the way.

  • 11:51 This morning's challenge: to set a new personal IKEA visit time record. I have 15 items to obtain from self-serve area.

  • 12:08 Also: mountain's out today - twitpic.com/14ldm7

  • 12:09 Parked at IKEA. 12:09. Here we go.

  • 12:22 Logistical setback! Out of stock on essential item!

  • 12:37 Back in car. 27 minutes total ... with one longer bracket than needed. Hopefully I can pull an IKEA hack and make it work.