March 20th, 2010

little blue dog


  • 14:15 I want it to be Cookie Friday today, but I also want someone else to be the Cookie Friday Fairy.

  • 16:28 Wanted to take off early, but stayed to work on a project the boss wanted done. Discovered he's wrong on the due date - it's next month. :\

  • 17:43 However, mad props to awesome coworker TJ for coming through as Cookie Friday Fairy today. :)

  • 17:45 Just finished last commute to old house. Tomorrow we move!

  • 22:16 Did we spend the evening prepping? Nope. My folks joined us and Nic's folks for dinner at Country Cat. Talked Mom into whiskey & steak!
This morning (so far):
  • 08:55 Today the nascent Piedmontese Era ends, and the glorious Taborian Era begins.

  • 08:57 But first, coffee. Also, Nic: "Stop tweeting and get to work."