March 30th, 2010

little blue dog


  • 11:22 What a gloomy, gloomy morning, and on a Monday, no less. I think a little run in the rain will do my soul some good.

  • 13:39 That was cathartic and soggy. Now I think a little sushi will do my soul some good.

  • 15:27 My bracket, which seemed so promising on Friday, has me drawing dead today. Only have Duke in Final 4, losing to Kentucky.

  • 16:45 My mouse is positioning the cursor on my monitor in a manner I'd normally associate with drunkenness. Think maybe it's time to go home.

  • 16:55 Clarification: I am not drunk.

  • 18:36 If Elliott Smith wasn't dead, I'd swear I just passed him on the street. He didn't look so good though.