April 16th, 2010

little blue dog


  • 13:21 As of today, I've dropped 40 pounds over the last 14 months. Celebrating, predictably, with a chocolate chip cookie.

  • 14:05 Former OR Gov. Kitzhaber = superhero - yesterday he gave CPR to a seizuring audience member during a debate at UO: bit.ly/b3dYGQ

  • 14:48 Off to check out wedding tuxes. Any rants/raves/recs?

  • 18:16 PERFECT biking weather.
little blue dog


One of the reasons we hired the movers we used last month is because they offered a 10% discount for paying by check (as opposed to credit card). Friendly guys, very professional ... except they dropped one of our outside potted plants - a 5' tall jasmine in a pretty big pot. We paid the (discounted) total fee and submitted a claim form for the damage, which requested a refund of the approximate replacement cost, about $100.

They called today and gave me the story that the discount was a mistake - should have been 10 dollars rather than 10 per cent - and further, that "the laws have changed" and that they could get in "big trouble" for offering discounts like that. In light of this mix-up, the rep asked, would we mind calling it even on the damage claim?

Um, no. Sheesh.