May 15th, 2010

little blue dog


  • 09:11 Man. Fridays already present a challenge to stay focused at work. So coupled with this incredible weather? Resistance may be futile.

  • 12:53 Meeting should be German attorneys explaining Euro patent practice. Instead it's US attorneys showing how much they already know about it.

  • 13:47 There is a serious Yngwie Malmsteen wannabe on the sidewalk below. Style and enthusiasm he's got, but technical prowess? Painfully absent.

  • 15:43 Surprise visit from @thatsassylassie - she picked up my ring, so we made sure it fits. Shiny!

  • 17:36 Today's ride home: passed 4 lemonade stands, stopped to give @abrichar a sweaty hug, and inhaled a mouthful o' gnats cruising down Tabor.

  • 17:38 And lo! 'Pon my arrival home I espy a little pie! Nic tells me it's apple bacon. *swoon*
This morning (so far):
  • 08:35 Best thing about mini apple bacon pie: forgetting you only had a bite the night before, and finding the rest in the fridge next morning.