May 22nd, 2010

little blue dog


  • 10:56 Today's kids.woot deal is a little kid-size ball pit. I have no kids, but I find myself really tempted.

  • 10:58 Clarification: really tempted to get a ball pit, not to have kids. Although the latter would justify the former, I suppose.

  • 11:16 Finished last project and was thinking about taking a half day, but lo! New project! Patent app Office action response, which I LOVE.

  • 12:17 Oh, my. Just tried my first burger at @violettaatdp: nothing short of sublime. And the rest of the menu looks ridiculously good, too.

  • 12:27 Remember the recent story about Lord Jesus Christ nailed in a crosswalk? He has since said it's part of God's plan:

  • 15:09 Thinking too hard about patent claims ... and forgot my wallet when I went to pick up a batch of cookies to treat my co-workers.

  • 15:21 Wallet retrieved; cookies obtained and distributed to happy co-workers. All is well in the land.

  • 17:12 How can I remember technical minutiae of scores of patents, but forget that I didn't ride in today - and panic that my bike got swiped?

  • 19:44 Poker night!

  • 21:22 Chocolate chip cookies dunked in bourbon = surprisingly tasty.

  • 21:32 Pork rinds, not so much.

  • 22:44 Had no idea I'd be the cool guy at the party with my sixer of High Life tallboys.

  • 01:49 First out in tourney 1, first place in tourney 2. Walked away with 3 times what I came with. Good, fun night.