November 7th, 2010

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bippity bop

Incremental progress is still progress. Of course, when you have to describe it that way, it's nothing to get excited about. Talking, of course, about work ... or more specifically, getting it.

Website is ... getting there. My prior idea to buy a flash template and then populate it with my own content has kind of fizzled. A friend of a friend mentioned he'd help me with the technical stuff, and another said he'd assist with graphic design. Both declined offers of payment ... which is nice in theory, except neither has been able to stick to a timeline that works for me, so I'm in an awkward position to push things along on either front.

So instead, I found a Wordpress template and have been playing with that. Viola.

I'm mostly happy with the initial (static) text content, and have several ideas for articles to publish. Also, Josh (theamazingjosh) and Sarah (skeets) of Continuum Photography followed me around on Friday while I was wearing my suit and got a bunch of awesome shots, which I'm trying to integrate in. The whole thing still has a DIY feel to it, which I think might be polished up with a little assistance ... fortunately, I have a couple leads on some folks to work with on a more traditional contract basis, to finish that up.

Work is ... getting there. Fits and starts. Former colleagues from both work and school have been calling up out of the blue with leads, which of course makes me feel awesome. Awesome, unfortunately, doesn't pay bills. Still, a few have turned into work. But once the website is good, the next steps include activating a corresponding twitter account to start passing around links to IP articles, hopefully build a modest following, writing my own articles, handing out business cards to other attorneys at functions and CLEs, etc.

Life, however, is there. Nic is spending a lot of time studying, but we're also spending quality time as well. Friday night was take-out fried chicken, St. Germain cocktails, and re-watching True Romance. Saturday night was dinner at Betsy and Steve's, a couple hours of euchre and entirely too much wine. Which made this morning rough, especially considering I spent it at the zoo with these people:

(Nic stayed home.)

The rest of the day's been chores, a good nap, and ... well, here we are. Gotta make dinner now.