November 25th, 2010

little blue dog

peace and headaches

(Two things I'm feeling today, on Thanksgiving.)

In a while I'll head down to Salem, to have dinner at my folks' with a couple of my sisters and their families. Nic's working tonight, so I'm solo ... this will be the second of five Thanksgiving gatherings for me, and this realization really makes me feel good. Centered, I guess. Fortunate. The third will be tomorrow with a lot of friends, the fourth will be in Seattle on Saturday with my extended family, and the fifth will be a small dinner we're hosting in a couple weeks. For today's, I made up a whoppin' batch of bacon rumbledethumps to contribute, and Nic is sending a homemade pumpkin pie with me. Just wish this headache would go away before I depart.

I think it's due to mixing wine, beer, and whiskey cocktails last night, and rich food. Nic and I joined some friends to try out Alba Osteria last night for a great dinner, after which we felt a little restless, so she and I hung out at Sapphire Hotel for a while afterward ... it was crowded in the perfect way: I felt a good energy from everyone and we found a seat easily. Tried (with cocktails) the creme brulee, on our search to find the perfect one (last night we did not find it, although it was tasty).

Work's picking up a bit, still by fits and starts: three patent apps more or less dropped in my over the past week, after a bit of a dry spell. Haven't been able to bring myself to start writing any IP articles for my website, but I'm sketching out plenty of ideas. Performance anxiety, maybe.

House smells like bacon and pie. Love it.