April 29th, 2011

little blue dog

deeee peeee

Noticed my interest in LJ is on an upswing lately, even though I'm not posting here much (I am reading, though). I'm tinkering more with the damnportlanders com, which I've been co-moderating for the past couple years. The com just turned a decade old, and I've been a member there since, like, late 2003. With the recent shift toward pop social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, activity there has dwindled from its heyday when we used to see 20-30 posts per day. I'm wondering if I can help ramp it back up, make it more of a resource or popular forum. Started by redesigning the profile page and reactivating a Twitter feed a user had set up a few years ago, and I think I might dive in to the layout next. We'll see. It's a fun way to contribute. Actually went to a DP meetup the other night, the first since June 2007 (where I met Nic).

Unrelated, I came across this image the other day. It's a Geneva drive, to convert continuous rotational motion into incremental motion. It's been around for centuries, and there are a ton of variations, but it's still the type of genius I really appreciate: simple, beautiful, effective, and utilitarian.