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So, Angie's List is a company that aggregates, categorizes, and publishes consumer reviews of local service companies.

As such, Angie's List itself is a service company.

However, Angie's List apparently offers no provision by which I may submit a public review of Angie's List.

So, here's mine:


Work Done:
* More weight is given to a report where work has been completed.
Hire Again:
Approximate Cost:
Description Of Work:
A one-year subscription to website offering categorized customer reviews of local service companies.
Member Comments:
The uncertain nature of the ownership and control of the user reviews notwithstanding, I continue to believe that AL is the benchmark by which service review companies will be assessed. The UI is smooth, the reviews are easily accessible, and the search mechanism is thorough. The customer service is enthusiastic and responsive.

However, a few things bug me. One is the generation of reminder e-mails after the I search the site for a company or review. The content is essentially "Hey, didja find what you need? Didja? Huh, didja? Wanna submit a report now, huh?"

The reminders are a little bothersome, because I access the site pretty often, each visit triggering a reminder that pops up a week later. Each reminder e-mail includes a link that directs me to a page where I can change my settings. However, no matter how many times I change them, they're always reset to generate and send the damn reminders.

Second, my membership includes a subscription to a monthly printed publication. I don't want it, and there's no way I can indicate my desire not to receive it. Because AL indicates that a portion of my membership dues go to publishing and mailing this thing, I can't help but wonder why I don't have the option of a discounted membership plan that doesn't include this publication, if not the option to forgo receiving it.

Third, I've submitted reports that aren't showing up, and I've not been contacted about them, for example if there's a problem with the content that I provide. I find this a little irritating, because it makes me question how many other user reviews aren't making it to the website, which tends to skew my perspective of the website as an unbiased clearinghouse for authentic user reviews.

And fourth, of course, I just think it's a little silly that I can't review Angie's List on Angie's List.
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