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gleaming the cube

At one point last night, when several of us were sitting at the table, Chris suggested a game.

The game was, roughly, as follows:

Each of us had to picture ourselves in a desert. We then had to picture a series of objects, in order, with each new object being announced after everyone indicated that we'd each pictured the previous object. The objects could be anywhere, of any size, and so forth, but we had to pay attention to the details of each object as we pictured it, and its relationship to the other objects, in the desert. They were:

- a cube
- a ladder
- a horse
- a storm
- flowers

After each of us described our conceptualization of the five objects in the desert (this process was constantly interrupted by everyone making jokes about everyone else's objects), he told us how to interpret it.

Here's mine:

My cube was partially buried in the sand when I pictured it, but I inserted myself into the visualization, and picked it up to look at it. It was about 4" per side, dark blue, slightly heavy, and had a lock on the front. In fact, it looked exactly like the mysterious blue cube from Mulholland Dr., which Betty finds in her purse at Club Silencio. However, unlike Betty, I didn't have the key.

When Chris said "Now picture a ladder," I saw one directly in front of me, suspended about 3' above the ground. It was a flexible ladder with red rungs and braces, and white balls at the joints. Although I couldn't see what it was suspended from, I climbed it, apparently with the blue cube in one hand.

I discovered it was suspended from the tip of the horn of a gigantic, winged white unicorn. The unicorn happened to be the one depicted in this painting (minus the feathered-haired rider, and several hundred times the size), which was on the cover of the copy of "A Swiftly Tilting Planet" I had as a teenager. It was looking at me. I was a couple hundred feet in the air, on the ladder.

I noticed a glint of blue on the unicorn's chest; it was a key to the box on a gold chain around its neck. It explained this to me somehow as the key levitated up to within my reach. I fitted the key into the lock and turned it.

At this point, Chris said "Now picture a storm." It started snowing, and I opened the box, but the snowfall was increasing in intensity and obscured my view of what was inside, and meanwhile was covering everything in white. I couldn't see the unicorn anywhere at this point, and the cube had disappeared as well. I was no longer a participant in the scene either, just a spectator.

The flowers appeared (already bloomed) as the snow melted off, covering a meadow -- I noticed I'd become a participant again, because I saw myself standing in the middle of it, facing away. They were about knee-height, and swaying gently in a passing breeze. The flowers weren't a particular type; rather, I pictured an animated setting that recurred several times in Howl's Moving Castle.

The End.

Ah, and Chris asked each of us what were the most important things about our vision. I thought mine was the cube, but it vanished and I couldn't see what was inside. So I think maybe the horse, because although I didn't gain much information as to what was in the cube, it gave me the key to open it.

And although the next part is an absolute spoiler if you haven't done the above conceptualization ...

Here's how to interpret the five objects:

The cube represents you.
The ladder represents your friends and co-workers.
The horse represents your lover.
The storm represents danger, or a challenge.
The flowers represent your children, or your ideas/creations, or your hopes.

I found a website with a version of this game, which suggests various interpretations of the details of the five objects. According to this, I could be serene and cynical, or strong and deep-rooted ... my friends could include God, or be helping me achieve my goals ... my gigantic winged unicorn lover could be, um, an idealized friend that is loved sexually ... I should be wary of confusion, being overwhelmed, and/or overwhelming my lover ... and my hopes may not be real to me or under my control.

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