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two weeks o' fun

I've been doing a lot of mostly birthday and holiday type stuff with friends lately that I want to write down, just haven't taken the opportunity to do so yet.

1. Erin's BWOA!

birfday girl birfday girl

Thursday (June 28) was Erin's birthday, which a few of us celebrated with drinks and dessert at Paragon.

We gave her lots of alcohol.

Also in attendance were Tori and TJ, Betsy and Steve, and Brandon and Isaac.

(Photo credits: Isaac)
toga! toga!

Saturday (June 30) was Erin's official birfday party, which, like all parties at Erin and Isaac's, was themed. This was a toga pary.

Here's me showing some thigh in my manskirt.

(Photo credit: Isaac)
toga! toga!
i'm not wearing underwear i'm not wearing underwear

Not to be outdone, Jeff flashes a surprisingly smooth and supple length of leg. Betsy was at the ready in case he lost his balance.

Erin sported an authentic laurel head-thing, and Isaac's costume consisted of a piece of rope and a gold pillowcase ... strangely, no pics of him have surfaced yet.

(Photo credit: Isaac)

Here are links to Erin's entry ... Isaac's entry ... Jeff's entry ... and Sandi's entry.
i has a stik

Rounding out Erin's Birthday Week of Awesome, a bunch of us spent Sunday afternoon floating down a stretch of the Sandy River on various plastic inflatables.

Here's a shot of Steve and Betsy, brilliantly captioned by Isaac.
i has a stik

The weather was perfect, that day, and hardly any folks were on the river. I had a surreal conversation with one dude as I drifted by. He called party foul on me and shouted at me to take off my shirt. I declined, which inexplicably segued immediately to this exchange:

"Do you know how many people DIE on this river each year?!"

I said "No, how many?"


(Cue theme from Deliverance.)

We ended the afternoon with burgers and cajun tots at the McSynonym's at Edgefield, and thus endeth Erin's BWOA. Here's a link to Isaac's gallery of shots of the week's events.

2. The 4th!

After a couple days at work and a winning night of poker, I had a relaxing July 4 morning, then headed over to Tori and TJ's for a barbecue. Several LJers were there (Amanda, Jeff, Sandi, Erin, Isaac, etc.), including several that I haven't seen for quite a while (Sen/miroje, Scott/bigdrumboy, Holly/mahaloluinoa, Ryan/boy_asunder and Jwo/jwo, and John/cosmicjohn and Courtney/saymyname77).

Cosmic put me on YouTube, my second appearance! Erin guest stars, with voice-over work by John:

I always get a kick out of my own gullibility:

"Are you recording video?"


"Oh. All right."

(Um ... cue theme from Deliverance.)

After gorging ourselves at Tori and TJ's, Erin and I headed out to the Beav (after a quick stop at Betsy and Steve's to have a drink or two, meet a visiting friend, and kick some ass at Guitar Hero), to another BBQ and street fireworks event at a beautiful house owned by family friends of Erin's. I met her folks and godparents. Her dad gave me a cigar. Really good people, I had a great time.

These people are quite serious about their pyrotechnics, and their apple pie. Awesome combination, and a great night.

3. Oh the robotity!

Largely due to Jesse's kick-ass review of TRANSFORMERS, I accompanied Erin and Isaac and a couple of his friends to an opening night late showing of one of the most excellent Summer movies I've seen recently. It was big, dumb, exciting, loud, fucking COOL, and with robots beating the CGI-crap out of each other, how can you go wrong?

Plus, there was some cryptographic geektalk, and that's always a plus. Didn't hurt that the main whizkid was a smokin hot blonde with an Australian (or was it Alabaman?) accent.

My only complaint, and this is because I am OLD, is that the transforming effects happened too fast for me to catch what was going on. But then again, as a kid, I played with my own little dudes so much that they fell apart as I tried to reverse-engineer the design principles of making them. Maybe I missed the point. Well, whatever. What a blast.

4. Wedding!

I had to forego what I heard was a great BBQ at Betsy and Steve's (in honor of his 37th birthday on 07/07/07) in favor of attending a wedding at the coast at the Salishan Resort at Gleneden Beach. Elizabeth, a co-worker of mine, married her boyfriend of 5 years in what was probably the shortest ceremony I've ever attended (12 minutes, I think).

It was a great afternoon, nice and sunny, but with a cool evening breeze. During the long reception, and despite the hosted bar and several offers from friends and other coworkers in attendance to crash in their rooms for the night rather than driving back that night, I kept the drinking to a minimum.

There's a great story from that night's reception dinner involving Tammy (another coworker) and a bowl of horseradish, but I'll have to give that its own entry. Suffice it to say that she is fucking hard core.

5. Rafting!

Because Betsy is so awesome, she'd planned an entire weekend's worth of activities for Steve's birthday, including whitewater rafting down a stretch of the White Salmon river.

10 of us went, including Steve's brother and a few of Betsy's co-workers. Erin and I hopped a ride out with Tori and TJ. I think it was in the high 90s, but that river is so friggin cold that wetsuits are almost always a good idea, especially if you get dunked. No one did, but it was a lot of fun anyway.

Betsy is uploading pics from the trip, but here's a preview that I ganked from her LJ:

Counterclockwise from top: Guide, Betsy, Jessi whacking her nose on Chris, TJ, Tori's helmet, and Steve.

Betsy had brought a trunk full of alcohol and sammich fixins, which we helped ourselves to before putting in, and again several hours later when we finished the run. However, some of us were in the mood for something a little more substantial afterwards, so we ended the day with some beers and dinner at the Full Sail Brewery in Hood River, the patio of which afforded a great view of windsurfers on the Columbia.


Ok. Back to work.
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