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weekend wrap-up: mole, aces, and bloggy bbqs

Thursday ...

Dinner with Erin, Betsy, and Steve at Autentica. The margaritas were yummy, and Betsy won hands down with the flatiron steak. I had chicken mole, and while it was really good mole, it was ... a lot of mole. A pairing with something sour or juicy would have been a good idea just to offset the taste a bit.

Some Guitar Hero followed, with a slight interruption when a thunderstorm hit, to go outside and watch the lightning.

Friday ...

Poker night, but after running hot and winning the second tourney last time we played, my good cards kept getting beat this time around.

For example, after checking my spikes and then pushing all in on the pre-flop betting spate I hoped for, I fell to Frank's fours, which tripped up on the turn. Who goes all in on sailboats? Frank, that's who. I really have to stop letting him drink the beer I bring when we play.

Saturday ...

Gave Erin a ride to the airport in the a.m., during which transpired silly observations about Southwest Air's seating process.

After errands, laundry and chores, carpooled with Amanda over to Jeff and Sandi's for some afternoon grillin' with a few folks/LJ'ers. Spent a warm afternoon in the shade, munching on some jerk-marinated chicken kabobs. I traded one with Nicole (thatsassylassie), who brought rosemary/maple-marinated ones (and also a kick-ass raspberry rhubarb pie).

Mo (synthcat) arrived later on with a string of DP'ers in tow, so I got to meet Will (lokidecat), Andrea (yoopie), her boyfriend Tim (defektiv), and Stephani (everanddespair). The new guests added a great energy, and of course the conversation centered around the DP drinking game. Amanda and I left about 8 ... I had to clean up my place a bit before hosting a guest the next morning.

Sunday ...

Began at the airport again to pick up Erin, exhausted from the wedding and reception she'd attended the night before. Ran home to meet my law school friend Susan, in Portland to provide driving support for her husband's participation in the Seattle-to-Portland bikeride. I took her to Gravy after a quick tour of the purple hizzy.

A couple hours of much-needed yardwork, then off with Erin to another bloggy BBQ, but this time we were the sole LJ'ers in attendance. PAgent hosted, and I met his wife, kids, cats, and dog, Betsy and her daughter, Leanne and her partner, and Mick and his wife and son. I am now seriously considering abandoning my propane grill for a Traeger smoker, cuz the ribs the P-man made were sublime.

Rolled home late afternoon and could barely mode enough to do my grocery shopping, then finished the weekend with some movie-watchin. Ahhh.
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