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bizarre highway art

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There's a strange quartet of bronze sculptures to the side of U.S. Interstate 5, about 20 miles south of Chehalis, WA. They're positioned in a clearing oriented all in a row, facing south, backed up against a forested stretch of highway. They kind of look as if they're guarding the woods against entry.

Here they are on google maps.

I can't find much on this installation, except that it's called "Gospodor Monument Park." Here is a 2003 article from a Longview newspaper, and commentary from a flickr user explaining that a reclusive millionaire commissioned these monuments to commemorate Jesus, Chief Seattle, Mother Teresa, and the Holocaust. Of course.

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The stretch of U.S. Interstate 80 through the Bonneville Salt Flats of Northwestern Utah is a surreal driving experience, the surrounding land being ... well, absolutely flat, and reflective or white, depending on the time of year.

Add to the barren landscape this inexplicable structure that juts almost 100' from the surface, visible for a dozen-odd miles from any direction, and you might think you're on another planet.

This is "Metaphor: The Tree of Utah," installed in the 80s and designed by a Swedish sculptor who apparently just wanted to beautify the landscape a bit.

See it here on google maps, and here's more info on the sculpture.

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This kind of stuff is fascinating. I want to find more.

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